Sep 14

Our Horses & Ponies


pic-pongo2 Pongo - Yes! we know.  But Pongo seems to think he is one of the horses.   Pongo is Val's lurcher and he is not a puppy anymore, but he loves this picture of himself.  Pongo is everyone's friend, he is so silly and loves kids.  He loves nothing more than a Hack and someone's sandwich if they are not looking!
rpdneyD Polo - Is a lovely Cremelo pony, he can carry any child, loves to jump and has beautiful blue eyes.  Will his China Blue eyes woe you?!
Really-Princess Princess - A real stunner and everyone's favorite.  Princess is excellent in traffic and she loves to be a fuss over.
PuzzleD Puzzle - Mr Puzzle to those who know him! What a charmer.  Another lovely pony who loves to jump and do nothing better than go on a hack.
Lance2 Lance - Sir-Lance-a-lot! He is great on or off the lead rein and adores going on a well paced hack.  Never a dull moment with our knight in shining armour.
willowD Baily - A gent, through and through. Baily enjoys a gently plod in the countryside.  He is a super star when it comes to nervous riders and those with special needs.
munaD Willow - A real race horse - or at least she likes to think she is!  Willow is a lady who enjoys jumping and long Hacks.
xana2D Xana - Is our Princess Warrior!  Xana is a Palomino mare, who is superb in traffic and loves to jump.  Tally-ho!
really-muna Muna - Muna is Faye's competition horse.  Muma has been there, done it and got the tea-shirt.  What Muna doesn't know is not worth knowing.  Muna is also Solly's sister.
poloD Solly - Also known to her pals as Squidle.  Solly has been born, broken and schooled by Val.  Solly is for the experienced rider looking for over-drive and the ride of a life.
lucyD Lucy -Abi's horse, who is a really good looking Skewbald and she loves nothing more than hacking and jumping.
pepperD Pepper - Is a lovely young Cob.  He is just learning to jump!
sargentD Sargent - Is a livery.  Our Sargent is French and getting to grips with the language.  But often you will have to say 'bonjour' or he will give you a vacant look!
megD Meg - Yes, not a Horse or Pony!  Meg is a Whippet and has been with Val for 14 years.  Meg loves sunny days and children's lunches! As you can see, she loves a good sleep after a hearty lunch.  There's nothing like it!
joliD Joli - Joli is Ami's horse and they have been together since Joli was born.  Joli is a happy youngster who wants to be friends with everyone!

jeshaD Jesha - coming soon to a hack near you...
ladyD Lady - Lady's vital statics are coming soon!
whoD1 Rodney - His loves nothing better than to stay in and watch channel four racing and eating whatever is to hand! To his friends he is called Mr Trotter!
daxD Dex with his Mum! - His vital statics are coming soon!




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